Life with your dog to the daily 


To the house, the dog must conform to some simple rules to remain a pleasant mate : 

- Not to fly ; no one must tolerate it home, to let make it or in to laugh, because he would risk to think that it is well. 

- Not to gnaw ; to avoid it, buy him toys especially conceived for the dog who will allow him in addition to brush the teeth. 

- Not to ask ; avoid to give him to eat to table or in other circumstances (forbid the also to your guests), because the good as the bad habits get settled quickly. Cotton is a very intelligent dog and only one time is only sufficient to him to learn, even though it is badly. 

- Not to jump on the visitors ; it is difficult to keep a cotton, because it is a happy dog, but everybody doesn't know your dog and without wanting it he could frighten certain person as to children. 

- Not to pull on his leash or to pass before you ; when you leave, you must always pass before your dog, in walk, that is at your sides that he must be, it is you the master and no the inverse. 

- To eat after you ; if made it to you to eat before you, he will have the impression that you eat his rests, makes itself like that for a chief of pack, out that is not he the chief, but you, you must to make eat it after you therefore always. 

- Not to appropriate of object or place (even his kit is not his) ; he would risk to become with time a very unpleasant dog. Since his youngest age, test it while putting your hand for example in his kit. He must not grumble. 

- Not to hide under furniture ; to let make it, to take it on your knees or in your arms would make reinforce his fear only. Show him the object or the person of have he is afraid so that he can see by himself that he doesn't fear anything (are soft and patient) congratulate the then if he reacts well. Offer him a maximum of experiences for avoid that he is nervous.  

- Not to throw itself on the another one dog without reason ; you risk to have an aggressive and unpleasant dog quickly. For it accustom the very young to meet others dog (in a club for example). 

- Not to make pee in the house ; if while going back at home, you discover a pee, useless to moan your puppy, because he won't know why and worse, he will associate your return to a reprimand and will be afraid of your next returns. Useless also to put him in the nose ; that doesn't work! Ignore it and collect the offense out of his view (before him, he would risk to think that that given you pleasure). But, when he makes outside or right side up wanted, don't hesitate to congratulate it so that he knows that is well himself. If he makes before you, put it quickly outside so that he finished and congratulate the for what he made outside. 

- To obey a recall ; if the puppy doesn't immediately come back, remain quiet and don't roar it when he decides to come back, because he could believe that it is badly and come not back the next time. On the contrary, made him the feast when he comes back, otherwise ignore it. Attention, toward 4 months, a lot of puppies test their new master ; know how to remain quiet ! 

Don't forget that all these rules, it is above all your turn to teach him and the other inhabitants of the house must also learn them not to commit a mistake and to risk to waste your work. The children must also learn to not to pull the tail or the ears of the dog ; it is not a toy but a living being that one must respect. It is necessary to take care of it, to feed it, to walk it and to know how to respect his tranquillity. For it, you will place his cushion in a place safe from drafts and where he won't be disturbed when he will want to take a rest.  

Do never forget that the reward is the best means to teach to a dog ; when he makes badly, ignore it and when he makes well, to congratulate the ; he will realize of himself that gives you pleasure quickly and will learn very quickly since one will reward" it by joy" (avoid the sweet or your dog risks to become obese quickly !).  

There is not a bad dog, but of bad master ; to you therefore to continue to make of your dog an ideal mate.

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