The world of the exhibition  


The exhibitions permit to make know his dog and to make appreciate it of the public and the other breeder. You will have the possibility to know the qualities but also the shortcomings of your dog. So if you want to make an exhibition participate your dog, you should write down it in advance 1 to 2 months in the wanted class (for it, you can ask for the calendar of the exhibitions to the Canine Central Society). The society promoter will send you a cardboard then with your number of involvement. 

Several types of exhibitions exist : 

- the regional of breeding, 

- the national, 

- the international, 

- the international with "special of race,

- the international of France, 

- the national of breeding regrouping the dogs of the club solely (1 only per year). 

According to the age of your dog, you will be able to write down it in the following classes : 

- of 4 to 6 months ; class baby (only in national of French race), 

- of 6 to 9 months ; class puppy, 

- of 9 to 18 months ; young class, 

- of 15 to 24 months ; intermediate or open class, 

- from 15 months ; open class or champion, 

- from 7 years ; open class, champion or veteran.

Your dog will be able to get the following qualifiers: 

- excellent ; he is assigned to a dog very close to the standard, in perfect physical condition. The superiority of his qualities must dominate its small imperfections extensively.  

- very good ; he is assigned to a perfectly characteristic dog and in good physical condition. Some venial shortcomings but non morphological are tolerated. This qualifier rewards a dog of quality. 

- good ; he is assigned to a dog possessing all features of the race but that accuses some shortcomings non rédhibitoires. 

- good enough ; he is assigned to a sufficiently characteristic dog but without notorious qualities, presenting serious shortcomings or to a dog in bad physical condition. 

- insufficient ; the dog cannot get qualifier, accusing too many shortcomings. 

- the cac ; cannot be assigned that to a dog classified 1st excellent and provided that he is of exceptional merit, 

- the reserve cac ; is assigned to the 2nd dog having equivalent or very near qualities of the 1st. 

- the cacib ; idem that for the cac, 

- the reserve cacib ; idem that for the rcac. 

The classes baby, and puppy gets the qualifiers very promising, promising and promising enough. They don't participate in the cac and cacib, all as the young class. 

The cherry on the cake : 

- mp or mj ; better puppy or young (enters 1st male and 1st female of every class), 

- mf, mm or bos ; better female, better male or Best of Sex (in certain foreign country), 

- bob ; Best of Breed, either the best of race (enters 1st male and 1st female having had the cac or the cacib and sometimes with the best youngster), 

- bog ; Best of Groups, either the best of the group (cotton makes left of the group 9, dogs of company), 

- bis ; Best in Show, either the best of the exhibition. 

Don't forget that the qualities of your dog are not alone to count; know how to put this one in value, to use your address to present it in movement, in stance (static) and to the judge's exam, because the quality of the presentation is also taken in account. Attention, the noise of the crowd must not frighten your dog, it must be at ease on the ring, to have the pace and the presence ; accustom the therefore since his youngest age to see the world and take it very young in city and in exhibitions if you want to make some often.  Remain quiet and relaxed, keep the smile, do never contest the judge and some either the result, know how to remain worthy. All the judges don't have the same criterias of judgments and won't classify the same dogs in the same way; one will like, the other step. But don't forget especially that the days of exhibitions must be of the pleasant and privileged moments for your dog and you and even though he doesn't win, know to congratulate it and to reward it, so, he will like to return there.  

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