A dog in good health for life. 


Know that you can make a lot to protect your mate of the illness during all his life. 

The first stage consists by following the advice that is given you to choose a puppy in good health. A puppy in full shape must have: 

- the quick and brilliant eyes, without out-flow nor cataract, 

- skin and the clean ears and without clearing of bad odors, 

- the well aligned teeth and the number wanted of teeth for his age, 

- of the well formed excrements,  

- two testes for the male, 

- a very commensurate body (ask to see the parents always) 

- finally, a puppy in good health is often heavier than he decorated without being fat. 

Mistrust the illnesses or anomalies that especially hit the race who interests you. Always ask to see the certificates appropriated of the parents. At the Cotton of Tuléar, you can ask to see the tests of ocular flaws (obligatory) and the tests of the medial dislocation of the kneecap (optional); these illnesses being hereditary, it is very important that the parents did the controls before all reproduction. 

The second stage is simple ; don't forget to make vaccinate your puppy and to do the yearly recalls. You will protect it thus against several dangerous illnesses, sometimes same deadly. The most current are: 

- the illness of Square, 

- the leptospirose (digestive or renal), 

- the parvovirus, 

- the viral hepatitis, 

- rage (if you travel in an again infested country). 

 The "zoonosises" (rage, burr, flea, round verses) are transferable to the man, don't forget to protect your dog not to have any bad surprises then. 

Third stage ; not to try of too to push your puppy during his growth (avoid to give food complements if it is not necessary). Indeed, if this one is too fast, it sometimes entails muscular and bony problems. 

When you make the toilet of your dog, take the habit to examine him the eyes, the ears, the truffle, the mouth, skin, genitalia and the anus. Stay up to what your dog is always clean to all point of view. Hygiene is one of the factors importing good health. Therefore, look after what his layer and its utensils are them as always clean. 

Finally, help your dog to not to become obese. A layer of grease of more than 5 millimeter thick above the ratings indicate a beginning of obesity. Mistrust yourselves, because this one can entail an arthritis, that can evolve in ostéo-arthritis (inflammation of the bones of the joint, irreversible lesion) and can complicate the anesthesias and the operations also (for an ovariectomie for example). 

Last stage ; for his security, do never let your dog come alone out of your garden (enclose this one well). The roaming dogs are often victims of accidents. They also risk to fight with other dogs or to be contaminated by sick animals. Even though you have a big garden, don't hesitate to walk it, it will make a lot of pleasure and you to him will be able to benefit some to reinforce your lessons of schooling. 

A robust and overflowing dog of life is the master's reward that knew how to occupy itself of it !  

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