The infectious illnesses


The illness of Square : 
It is a very serious infectious illness that touches animals of all ages. She drags the death or the irreversible nervous aftermaths. She appears by very various symptoms, active of a diarrhea to a cough; she/it provokes the fever, of the respiratory attacks (inflammations of the nasal mucous membranes or bronchopneumonia), digestive (gastroenteritis), ocular, cutaneous or nervous, whose evolution is very often deadly. If the dog is sold in period of incubation (that means that he is carrier of the virus, but doesn't present a symptom again), it is impossible to detect the illness. 
In irretrievable flaw ; to be able to impute the responsibility to the seller, it is necessary to be able to prove certain way that the dog was well carrier of the virus at the time of the sale (antecedence of vice to the sale). It is necessary to respect the delays of action that are in demand of annulment of sale of 30 days therefore if a certificate of suspicion has been established by a veterinarian in the 8 straightforward days after delivery of the dog. If the animal dies, this delay is postponeded to 15 days from the death. 

The canine parvovirose : 
It is a very infectious illness that is quickly deadly among the puppy. She is due to a very resistant virus in the outside environment. She appears the most often by gastroenteritis with stern hemorrhages (very important, containing diarrheas sometimes of blood). 
In irretrievable flaw ; the delay of action in demand of annulment of sale is of 30 days (or of 15 days after the death), if a certificate of suspicion has been established by a veterinarian in the 5 straightforward days after the purchase of the dog. 

The hepatitis of Rubarth : 
It is a potentially serious and undetectable illness among a puppy in period of incubation. The virus of the canine hepatitis especially provokes the fever and a serious hepatic attack ; several shapes of the illness that appear by the diarrhea exist, an important exhaustion, of the abdominal pains,... some serious shapes exist directly deadly or of the chronic shapes that entail a progressive destruction of the liver. 
In irretrievable flaw ; the delay of action in demand of annulment of sale is of 30 days (or 15 days after the death) if a certificate of suspicion has been established by a veterinarian in the 6 straightforward days after the acquirement of the puppy. 

Rage : 
This illness is the subject of very strict sanitary surveillance, because it is deadly for the animals and for the man. It is a virulent illness, transferable of some animals to the man; the transmission makes itself by bite, the saliva of the animals reached containing in abundance the virus rabies. Rage presents a period of incubation, of which lasted it is very variable (among the dog, in general of 15 to 60 days, sometimes more. It is during this incubation that one can stop the illness from declaring, by the method pasteurienne), then the symptoms clinic appears and is characterized by nervous phenomena, of excitation (hydrophobia, agitation, fury), then of the paralysis, with abundant out-flow of saliva and finally the death occurs. . The vaccination against rage is obligatory for all animals living in infected declared zone and for all animals staying in center of vacations or passage in this zone (exhibition for example). 

The leptospirose : 
The leptospires is bacteria transported by the urine of the rodents and that provoke very often among the dog a hepatic and renal attack deadly. The diagnosis is gotten, in other, by the observation of the existence of the parasite in urines. He resists the heat, to the cold weather and to acids. Its reservoir of virus is the rat, whose evacuations are a source of contamination. This one can also make itself by water ; avoid therefore of let your dog drink in the pools, baths of river,... and to sniff the evacuations of other animals. 

The piroplasmose : 
It is an illness due to a parasite of blood, the piroplasme, transmitted by the ticks. This illness is very extensively widespread and nearly reaches all the departments in France. The symptoms the more often met are fatigue, a strong fever and the dark urine broadcast. If the animal is not treated, the illness is often person responsible of a renal and hepatic attack who drags the death in some days. The prevention of this illness is often associated to the vaccination and the anti parasitic external. To limit the bites of ticks, avoid, at the time of strong heats, to walk your dog in forest or in the high herbs where they are the most frequent. To withdraw a pulls a face, do never lull it to the ether or don't pull over, because it is in these conditions that he/it regurgitates and returns his/her/its poison. For the same reasons, don't wait either that he/it falls of himself (all pull a face are not necessarily carrier of this parasite); use a "foot of sold doe" at your veterinarian who will explain you how to use it. 

The borréliose : 
This affection is provoked by the same agent that the human Lyme illness and is transmitted by the same species of tick. The symptoms are in the beginning little characteristic with fever, loss of appetite, trouble locomotive, but they can evolve, if the animal is not treated, toward articular, cardiac or nervous unrests. The treatment calls on especially efficient antibiotics than they are managed early. 

The cough of doghouse : 
The cough of doghouse essentially concerns the dogs in contact with a canine collectivity; doghouse, pension, raising, exhibition, club of practice,... To the origin of this illness, several germs exist (bacterium and virus) that provoke cough more or less serious according to age and the state of health of the dog. 

The vaccination : 
We are not able to hollowing to finish this topic without speaking of the vaccination that constitutes the best protection of your dog against the infectious illnesses. She stimulates the defenses of the organism and allows him to resist all contact with an infectious agent (virus, bacterium, parasitic). That is himself among the dog (as for the man), the vaccination is not an insignificant act, because it must be made on animals in good health. If it is not the case, the efficiency of the vaccine can be decreased, more if your dog is parasitized strongly; think therefore about to manage him a vermifuge a few days before every vaccination.

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