Male or female ?


The topic is not of the least. It is the question that a lot of purchasers ask. Advantages and inconveniences according to the sex ? Difference of character ? Dominance ? Does the education have to be different ? ... Numerous can be the questions. 

Every owner has her own experience with sound or his cottons. It is for it that I didn't write an article to this topic, but that I preferred to let free speech to the owners of Cotton (breeder and particular). This page of information will bring you the answers maybe to your questions and will guide you, we hope for it, in your choice. 

Thank you to all those that participated in the manufacture of this page : 

- Mrs. Lejeune Sandy, Mrs. Dubosc Viviane, Mrs. Sepchat Myriam, Mrs. Kern-Rabiti Anita, Mrs. Hardy-Hamard Estelle, Mrs. Jespersen Brigitte, Mlle Lindblom Annika, Mme Molnar Erika, Mme Lupinska Beata, Mrs Roux Marie-Monique, Mrs H駭ocque Florence. (The new testimonies are always the welcome).


Good reading to all :

Mrs. Lejeune : "Male or female ?"One of the first questions that it must to put the future owner of a puppy. And this choice is not especially easy for the beginners who never had any mates with 4 paws. Victims many prejudices "the boys" are often abandoned to the profit "of the girls" and yet they have each their qualities and their constraints. For a race as the Cotton of Tul饌r, one cannot justify the choice of the sex by the difference of size, because he has there often not more of a kilogramof gap and he arrives regularly that are smaller than of the females of the males. Besides, my experience has demonstrated me that they learn the cleanliness as quickly the some that the other. The picture of the male that urinates in the house or after all the trees of the district grew a lot of new masters to prefer the females, however when they are puppies all babies make their needs of the same way and it is only to the tip of some months that the males raise the paw.It's therefore the education that is going to define largely the behavior of the puppy vis--vis the cleanliness, if he is educated correctly, he will make his needs outside and won't oblige you to stop you to all tip of fields ! Cotton is by excellence a dog of company, therefore it is very little some runaway either his sex. Rare are the males who leave their soft homes for females in heats and vice-versa, the females don't look for the contact of the stallions to all price. The dominance is as often associated to the males. However it is not legitimate, home I have two adult boys and believe me that is one of my daughters that orders ! Besides, let's speak of it these 2, who said that 2 males cannot cohabit ?! are They inseparable, always to play together, to sleep together without ever only one problem. To conclude, I like my daughters for their dynamism, their sprig of independence and their kindness. And I adore my boys for their calmness, their sweetness and the complicity that us united. I noted that the contrary attract: so the females are frequently nearer of the men and the male more nearer with the women. It is therefore your family's composition that must influence your decision but some either the sex of your cotton you will always have a small ball of hairs, full of tenderness and mischief that will delight your daily. " 

Sandy Lejeune, breeding "des Fleurs d'Aloes", France.

Mrs. Dubosc: With regard to male or female, I only have very little receding to speak of the character of the male since mine only has 8 months, on the other hand what I can say, it is that my females are a lot of players and roguish in relation to him. I make the comparison with his sister who is a lot more restless. Him, it is the calm fellow, and always in comparison with his sister, he is a lot cuddlier with me. On the other hand, VENUS is very close to my husband, what appears normal to me, I think finally. But anyway that it is male or female, COTTON it is a ball of tenderness that it is necessary to like very strong, because likes you to him without moderation. 

Viviane Dubosc, breeding "des Petits Lutins Blancs", France.

Mrs. Sepchat : Male or female it is well a dilemma !!! Me also one asks me for my opinion. I think that e it is a question of personal choice for the future master. My 2 female U2 and SERENA are of true meteors, they are always in action, distinctly wise than the male ROSCO and on the other hand the puppy VIDOCQ son of SERENA and ROSCO that I kept, is he a lot of speed like his mother, always near to make a silliness. I think that it is a question of character of the puppy, there not is not more females than of wise males, it is in their genes. I believe that a future master must choose his puppy when he moves in raising, he must cracked on a puppy without knowing male or female so, to let pass the current between him and the puppy. And I think that it is probably the best solution, especially for those that know how to choose only. 

Myriam Sepchat, breeding "de la Roscoteam", France.

Mrs. Kern-Rabiti : I am breeder since nearly twenty years, and I adore my dogs. But it is necessary to say also, that if I was not a breeder, I would only have some males, because they stretch character more and a lot more attach駸 to their master. 

Anita Kern-Rabiti, breeding "Swiss Coton", France.

Mrs. Hardy-Hamard : I am enough badly placed to judge the character of the male and female cottons for the good reason that we only have some females. What is sure, it is that each to his character. One is always ready to play and to make the clown, the other a few slothful, before to push it the morning to leave its dog house, the third, small, but dominant and also a lot of player and adventuress. On the other hand, they have all in outbuildings to be the Miss cuddly and kisses. They don't like either to remain alone. Each takes to part, these are angels, on the other hand, to three, it is the feast when they meet and hello the ears !!! 

Estelle Hardy-Hamard, France.

Mrs. Jespersen : I get too very much phone calls for asking for a female and not for a male. Mostly the people tell that they want to have litters. The next is, that they tell me all the attitude of the big dogs, running away from the home when there is a female in heat....markings in the house.... I cannot agree with this. My personaly meaning is: the males are more stability in there personality. They not have the hormon differences as the females have, when they comeing in heat. Some times people phone me and tell me the "sick behavior" of there females....I ask, when have she been in heat, "oh this have been 2 weeks ago". After some weeks, the female is coming back to her normaly attitude. 

Brigitte Jespersen, breeding "Jespersen", Danemark.

Mlle Lindblom : People also ask me that which are the differences between a male and a female. It is not very easy to classify the males and the females by character, because every dog has his own character. But if we make a rough assessment on this topic, I would say that the females are "more characteristic" than the males. According to my own experience and also according to other people what I have heard, the females are little bit more demanding and that the males are often more easy-going. But you must remember that there are big differences between every dog and as well with the new owners. I think that it is necessary to know the character of the puppy first and not too much to trust the generalization.

Annika Lindblom, breeding in Finlande.

Mrs. Molnar : In our small country people unfortunately don't know this breed, any the less that the first Coton couple arrived to us 15 years ago from France. Nowadays one of our biggest challenge is to introduce and endear this wonderful and intelligent breed to people. We are welcome everybody who is looking for a puppy, and we let them getting familiar with the breed. We play together with the puppies and answer all questions they may have. If we see that somebody is indeterminate, we are the ones to dissuade them from buying a puppy. Otherwise we gladly give a puppy to somebody, who seems happy and fortunate to touch ang hug these wonderful puppies. We infected all of our friends with the love of Cotons already. The other big problem I face every day as a breeder is that people are always looking for female puppies and they are averse from males. We put a lot of energy to make them understand that males are not worse than females at all. They are usually afraid of males because they think that males piddle a lot, or that they are more willful or they can't even explain why. In such cases we try to chat with them, let them play with the puppies and the adult males. It always led to a success. People often forget that these dogs are intelligent 'indoor' animals, they are not outdoor guardians. If we give them the best care possible, they will even understand our thoughts. Currently I have more males, from different countries, all of them have different personality. We take them to a lot of excursions, they love it. My oldest male, Justin is from France. He is 11 years old and even nowadays he acts like a child. He used to collect all the toys around him. 3 years ago at an exhibition every dog received a toy from the staff. I honestly say I never saw a dog playing so abandonly in the middle of the crowd. He can even recognise my voice via telephone, and he used to whine. My 4 year old male is Finnish, from his early childhood he brings back every throwed item, although nobody taught him. His most interesting attribute is that he is the defender of the little puppies. We recognised this at the first litter, that he lies down in front of their box and lets nobody close to the puppies. He also grumbles. This is the same with every litter. He cares for every puppy as if he was their mother. He never hurts any puppy, no matter how cheeky a puppy is. My 3 year old male, who is from the Czech Republic, is a real sportsman. He can jump over a more than one meter high fence, he swims together with us in the lake, he loves to play agility. He never showed any kind of aggression, I haven't even heard him grumble. He is a very gentle guy. My youngest male is 4 months old, he is from France. He is a real prankster. It is obvious that he will be at least as clever and as impish as my other males. 
I love this gorgeous breed whose name is Coton De Tulear, I can't love or hate a dog for its gender. I've never met anybody who regretted having either a male or a female from this breed. On the other hand I've met a lot of people who are thankful and happy having a Coton De Tulear in the family. 

Erika Moln疵, breeding "Subarashi Hoshi Hikari", Hongrie.

Mrs. Lupinska : I breed Cotony from several years, I have and males and females. Males are very gentle, friendly, however my females fight about leadership still. People, which to me ring after puppy the most often want to buy female, because they are gentler. I translate them that males love their owners also very. They grant me right later. I think, that Coton independently it from sex is splendid companion. Now I have 8 month a male is has wonderful character.

Beata Lupinska, breeding "Batiskaj", Pologne.

Mrs. Roux : I wish to evoke two points :aggressiveness and the demand of the individuals. 1. One sometimes told to me that the male was more aggressive, but I really believe that one meets such topics in one as in the other kind, but THEY are THE MINORITY. One sometimes told to me that the male was more aggressive, but I really believe that one meets such topics in one as in the other kind, but THEY are THE MINORITY. Because, even though it is tarnished to say it, cotton is again a true dog, in spite of his charming plush appearance, with origins semi "wild", and I show evidence of admiration while saying it: combative and war mind, as well as intelligence in our magnificent race. Sometimes the male shows evidence of "character", but testosterone doesn't oblige this is not ?... But the female is, her, subject to hormonal variations, and although I don't have it NOTES at home, did one return me some cases of aggressiveness at the time of the heats. First conclusion: one would not meet a meaner topic (!!!!!) in a kind that in the other, and second conclusion more important that one, he is incumbent us and it we know it, WE MAKE IT, to really socialize our small : time, tenderness, not to remove them too early to the mother... and finally and it is necessary that our purchasers are persuaded some well: the education is not finished when they leave with their puppy, they are necessary to continue the education, let's persuade them !!! 2. The demand: does this point worry me, is the demand of females currently enormous, and become disturbed,... do our small males have them as need of a good home of welcome.... An anecdote, because it is strange and will make you smile maybe (that to make other ?) has little I had a demand of male, was I happy, but the person added, "especially not a female, do I know, did I often read it, is he demonstrated in numerous works, that the female is aggressive !!! ". Well cordially.

Marie-Monique Roux, breeding "The Fluffy Teddy Bears", France.

Mrs. H駭ocque : Male or female; one often asks me for my opinion. I only have a male who has a character very endearing and very faithful to his masters. He is quieter than my daughters, adore the cuddly and that one takes care of him ! The girls are, them, a lot of players, quicker and make more silliness especially, notably in their first year. Fortunately, they sober while becoming adult. I noticed that they like to mother the small last. I think that cotton is an exceptional race and that has need to be recognized more.

Florence H駭ocque, breeding "de l'Etoile de Procyon", France.

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