The toilet of the cotton of tuléar 


It is never pleasant to caress a small dog full of knots and that doesn't feel good : to brush and to wash his dog are therefore a question of hygiene and comfort for him as for you.  

The only worry with the cotton of tuléar is that it especially makes some knots if one the interview not correctly. As for us that we cover to the daily, learn to maintain it regularly your dog since his youngest age if you don't want to have resort to scissors or, worse, to the clippers. Don't forget that the dog has a finer skin than the our ; his fur is its protection against the sun and the heat. To this rhythm, there won't nearly be knots and sessions of toilet will make themselves in the good mood. These moments will become thus privileged between your dog and you, because he will feel bichonné. But don't forget that the regularity is primordial as for the maintenance of a cotton. 

Every other day, you will first have to entirely to brush it (with a toothbrush metallic gone up on rubber without balls on the tips) to rough down hair, then to comb it (pronged comb large and middle) by zone in order to not to forget any part. Do never pull on the knots, you would risk to pull hair and to hurt your mate. The currycomb is to proscribe, because it pulls hairs without untangling. Until 4 to 6 months, the toilet is easy enough and it is between 6 months and 1 year that fur is going to enlarge ; be therefore very heedful.  

This operation is also to make inevitably before every bath if you don't want that the knots tighten and are even more difficult to remove. To really wet the dog and to apply the shampoo (dilute and especially not of human shampoo ; the ph of the skin of the dog is more sensitive than the one of the man) without rubbing (you would form new knots) but while caressing fur in the sense of hair. Rinse the shampoo well (it will avoid that he doesn't scrape itself and that he makes new knots again), apply one nourishing after-shampoo then, untangling and rinse again, but this time slightly, so that fur takes advantage of this care cream.  

Finally wipe well always the dog in the sense of hair and dry the without using the too ready drier of skin not to burn hair and to make he dry while painting it in order to give inflating it to fur and to help it to dry better. 

Don't forget to cut the nails (without forgetting the ergot that cannot wear out all alone), hairs between the bushes in order to have a better adhesion to soil and so a better gait (make the round paws also) and to depilate the inside of the ears with the fingers.  

After all it, your small cotton is ready to strut about before all his friends and why not in exhibition !

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